October 27, 2021


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AWS tools can finally play better with Word and PDF documents – Texasnewstoday.com

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has embarked on a battle to reduce unnecessary paperwork with new tools t.......

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has embarked on a battle to reduce unnecessary paperwork with new tools that make scanning documents much easier.

Cloud computing giants have revealed that AWS Comprehend tools can now scan a variety of business documents quickly and easily, saving time and resources for businesses of all sizes.

In the future, AWS Comprehend will be able to quickly scan PDFs, Word, raw text documents, etc. to quickly extract important information, reducing the need for extra paper.

AWS scan

AWS said in a blog post announcing the release that the new feature combines natural language processing (NLP) with optical character recognition (OCR) to reduce the amount of pre-processing or post-processing required to process a document. increase.

This tool can handle a variety of document layouts, including blocks of text (as was previously the case with AWS Comprehend), as well as lists and bullets for PDF and Word files.

Users can also integrate custom named entity recognition (NER) into more document types without converting the file to raw text, greatly streamlining the process.

According to AWS, this new feature can be useful in a wide range of business use cases, saving significant time previously required to preprocess documents. For example, you can now quickly scan and process financial, mortgage, and insurance documents in different layouts and formats to get the important information you need.

Users must meet some baseline requirements in order …….

Source: https://texasnewstoday.com/aws-tools-can-finally-play-better-with-word-and-pdf-documents/463142/